private puppy training

Private Puppy Training

Enjoy relief from potty accidents, sharp puppy teeth, unwanted chewing, and excess energy. Lay basic manners foundations. Jumpstart a lifetime of calm companionship.

Learn how to train your puppy or have our friendly trainer take puppy training off your to-do list. Children in the home? Choose our Family Dog program for a fun family experience.

private dog training

Private Dog Training

Establish reliable basic manners and obedience. Cultivate a calm, focused, responsive dog. Stop unwanted behavior issues. Enjoy the best in your dog.

We’ll teach you to train your dog, or our professional dog trainer can do the heavy lifting for you. Whichever dog training program you choose, you’ll love the results.

dog separation anxiety

Home Alone Training

Put an end to your dog’s separation anxiety and destruction when left alone. Come home to a relaxed, happy dog. Leave stress, guilt, and worry behind.

Our separation anxiety training program teaches your hound how to relax when left alone—so you can relax while working, running errands, or teaching the grandkids their golf swing.

canine massage

Canine Massage

Unkink sore muscles in your agility dog. Help your senior or post-surgery dog move with greater ease and less pain. Watch your shy or fearful dog learn to relax.

Dog massage is quickly gaining ground as a way to calm dog behavior and maximize canine health. Give it a try—you and your dog will be amazed.

pet first aid

Pet First Aid

Learn how to handle pet health emergencies with confidence. Know when to seek veterinary care. Feel prepared for whatever may come your way.

Across the country dog and cat parents are learning pet first aid as a standard part of pet guardianship. Pet first aid is fun to learn and the peace of mind is priceless.

positive training

All Positive Training

We employ positive training for positive results. We want you to feel good about your dog training results and good about the way we got them.

Modern dog training science means tackling even serious issues like separation anxiety without traditional aversive approaches—a great advancement for dogs and dog lovers.