private puppy training

Private Puppy Training

Enjoy relief from potty accidents, sharp puppy teeth, unwanted chewing, and excess energy. Lay basic manners foundations. Jumpstart a lifetime of calm companionship.

Learn how to train your puppy or have our friendly trainer take puppy training off your to-do list. Children in the home? No problem.  Include your children in all aspects of the training.

private dog training

Private Dog Training

Establish reliable basic manners and obedience. Cultivate a calm, focused, responsive dog. Stop unwanted behaviour issues. Enjoy the best in your dog.

We’ll teach you to train your dog, or our professional dog trainer can do the heavy lifting for you. Whichever dog training program you choose, you’ll love the results.

dog separation anxiety barking howling Hanging With Hounds

Separation Anxiety

Put an end to your dog’s separation anxiety and leave your stress, worry and guilt behind. No more noise complaints from neighbours, destruction to your home or a stressed dog.

Our separation anxiety training program teaches your hound how to relax when left alone—so you can relax while working, running errands, or spending time with friends and family.

Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification

Tackle your dog's leash reactivity or guarding once and for all.  Walk your dog knowing you have the skills to address whatever comes your way.

Have confidence that you will be able to handle the stray dog or have guests in your home and not worry about what your dog will do.  Start today.

Hanging With Hounds Blog

Hanging With Hounds

The Blog

Read the blog to get some thoughts from your trainer.  Learn more about the dog training world and get a sense of who I am and why I do what I do.

Live Online Virtual/Video Training

Live Online Virtual/Video Training


Same great programs....same great content.

Continue with your dog and puppy training in the comfort of your home.  Live, online using technology without having to be tech savvvy.